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Reasons to Join the SCLA

Join SCLA because you believe in the health and well-being of your llamas and you want to be the best informed owner that you can be.

You may view online, print or save this pdf of the SCLA membership application forms for both adult and associate youth members.

Your membership entitles you to the newsletter, the HUMMING HERALD, full of llama related news and activities. Membership dues are $40 per year, renewable January 1st of each year.

SCLA Committees:

Belonging to SCLA gives you the opportunity to be on committees such as: Activities, Conference/Meeting Planning, Fiber, Finance, Fundraising, Nominations, Property, Scholarship, Youth, where you can share what you know and learn from others.

SCLA Email/Events List:

The Membership Secretary maintains an email distribution list for members to provide notice of events, business meeting announcements and any alerts from the state veterinarian or extension office.  Membership affords you the opportunity to join in with 100+ other llama-owning members, some with 20 or more years of experience, for fellowship and events like conferences, playdays, workshops, holiday parades, hiking in parks, open houses, shearing days and picnics.  

SCLA Fellowship: llamas eating leaves from elm branches being pulled down for them

Have access to the collective consciousness of 100 members, some with 20 years of llama experience.

SCLA Humming Herald – the SCLA Newsletter: 

The Humming Herald, SCLA’s quarterly publication, is packed with articles from members, trainers and vets.   It has a calendar of events, meetings and show results along with fun pictures of members at play. There are llama  health alerts and related stories, government relations issues, medical research, show tips, and fiber articles just to mention a few.  This publication is sent to you as part of your annual dues.

SCLA - Jim Graham Memorial Scholarship:

SCLA youth members can apply for the Jim Graham Memorial Scholarship which awards $500 per semester for the first year of college to the recipient.  Current high school seniors are eligible to apply for this scholarship.  Applicants write a 1-page essay describing their background with llamas, where they plan to attend college and their anticipated degree program.  See full details:

SCLA Library:

We have a wonderful lending library which SCLA adult members can access by mail; ours is one of the best llama association libraries in the country.  Any of the books (1 month loan) or video tapes (2 week loan) will be sent to you at home for your perusal.  Simply mail items back at the end of the loan period.   Email or phone the librarian for materials; the library listing appears in each issue of the Humming Herald.

     * Some book titles include: Medicine and Surgery of S. American Camelids (Dr. Murray Fowler); The Camelid Companion (Handling and Training Your Alpacas and Llamas) by Marty McGee Bennett; Turning Wool into a Cottage Industry.  

     * Video examples:  Click & Reward Training Video; Competitive Edge in the Show Ring (ALSA); The Mallon Method (3 tapes); Step-by-Step Shearing; Spinning Wool: Basics and Beyond.

Library listing appears in each issue of the Humming Herald.

llama at picnic table with childrenSCLA Membership Mailing Labels:

SCLA members may avail themselves of our membership mailing labels.  This is a great way to contact the membership with private treaty sale announcements or sales list mailings.

SCLA Obstacle Course:

When you’re ready to do obstacle course work at an event, just borrow the SCLA obstacle trailer which houses an extensive collection of ALSA-approved obstacles.  And if you want to advertise your ranch, there’s no better place than one of the spots on the trailer (contact the President for details).

SCLA Shows:

SCLA members participate in shows all over the US.  There are 5 or more ALSA sanctioned shows just in the SCLA region alone. This is a great time to share your love of llamas with the public and enjoy the fellowship of other SCLA members.

SCLA VetNet:

Our VetNet is an excellent source of information and help.  SCLA owners have combined forces with the vets to give other vets a chance for consultation.  It is also a great source for finding a veterinarian in your local area who works with llamas.

SCLA Web site:

SCLA’s web site is a fountain of information and links, with updates made to information throughout the year so it is always as current as possible.  The site includes links to other sites of interest, a show calendar, events calendar, section for the Youth program including the program rules and record keeping sheet, fun links to sites such as the Click & Reward video.

SCLA Youth program:

SCLA’s youth program remains the premier standard for youth groups throughout the US. No kids in your household?  Have some from your area come and work with your llamas.  This is a great learning experience for youth, teaching responsibility, working together, and providing fellowship for our young members.  The llama owner has a nicely trained llama or llamas at the end of the program.

Sponsor new owners when you sell them a llama – help spread the word about SCLA!

Download and print membership application forms.                                 SCLA is a 501(c)(5) Non-Profit Organization                     Web Designer: Sharon Bramblett
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