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                 SCLA Youth Llama Program

Jim Graham Youth Scholarship

The current guidelines for the Jim Graham Youth Scholarship allow $500.00 per semester (2 semesters running concurrently) for a total value of $1,000.00.

Jim Graham Youth Scholarship: Application Process

Download SCLA Membership Forms - Adult and Youth

  1. The applicant must be a high school senior (or just graduated in the current calendar year).
  2. The applicant must be a current associate youth member of SCLA or their immediate family (parent) must be a current adult member of SCLA.
  3. The written application submittal before July 12 of each calendar year must include:

A: A written one-page essay describing their background with lamas, where they plan to attend college and their anticipated degree program.
B:  A self-photograph. 
C:  A photocopy of their high school transcript. 
D: Two (2) letters of recommendation from teachers, community leaders or club sponsors. Letters of recommendation may be mailed separately but all parts of the application must be received by the deadline date. The mailing address for all required parts of the application is:

SCLA Jim Graham Youth Scholarship Committee

The winner of the scholarship will be announced in the fall issue of the Humming Herald.

Jim Graham Youth Scholarship: Winner

  1. Provide the SCLA treasurer and the SCLA scholarship committee chairman your choice institution information. Website: will provide the contact data for the treasurer and scholarship committee under "SCLA Info".
  2. 2. All monies will be sent to the registrar (financial aid office) of the college chosen.
  3. 3. The awarded winner must provide a copy of their grades to the SCLA scholarship committee chairman and the SCLA treasurer at the end of the first semester.
    This action will verity a passing average is being maintained in order to qualify for the second semester award.
  4. 4. The recipient must be a current member of SCLA or their immediate family (parent) must be a current adult member of SCLA for the duration of the scholarship. Current membership will be verified.

SCLA dues are payable on or before January 31 st of each year.

Revised 07/2012

More information for youth:

Alpacas, Llamas and Youth. A new brochure from Camelid Community.

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