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Information about Llamas

The Basics of Alpaca Llama Care - trifold pdf flyer (developed by Camelid Community) to print and distribute

two llamas chest buttingBasics of Behavior and Handling of Llamas and Alpacas

Camelid Care – Camelid Community Standards of Care Working Group

Llama Facts

What Do You Do with a Llama?

Fact sheet comparing llamas and alpacas

New Buyer Information

So You Want to be a Mama Llama - llama reproduction

Llama Herd Management

Llama Medical Management

Heat Stress in Llamas

Veterinary Tips

Snakebite in Llamas

Camelid Emergency Preparedness

Camelid Biosecurity

Catching and Handling Llamas and Alpacas

Feeding Camelids

Llama Housing & Fencing

Llama Vocalizations - Humms, orgles, screams (2 pages of them)

Llamas in the News

Llama Rescue

Framework for Animal Disease Traceability (formerly: NAIS)

Animals in Disaster

Guard Llamas

Guard Llama Guidelines: Recommendations for Selection & Placement of Guardian lamas

The Impacts of Llamas as Hiking Companions

Packing With Llamas

Llama Wool

Llama Info. Resources

Camelid Community - the only national forum that offers the opportunity for dialog among representatives of national, regional and local camelid organizations as well as interested individuals and owners, providing a unique opportunity for an assessment of the “state of the union” of the camelid world.                                 SCLA is a 501(c)(5) Non-Profit Organization                     Web Designer: Sharon Bramblett
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