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Selected Online Llama/Alpaca Information

The Alpaca Chronicles. A weekly update of Internet information that will introduce you to information about  alpaca ownership on a small ranch. For a Free Subscription to the Alpaca Chronicles go to: OR an e-mail to : to be added to the list.Owner:  Sharon Mcintosh Teaching the global community about the wonders of alpacas. Use this information at your own risk. For  more information and disclaimer send E-mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU with the command  "INFO NEW-LIST" in the body.

The Alpaca Discussion List
This list is for alpaca owners and thosse interested in alpaca information.  The mailing list is moderated by John L. Pinkowski, of Pine Ridge Alpacas:; subscribe by going to the URL above.

Alpaca Owners & Breeder’s Association
           This web site includes an alpaca FAQ, AOBA Affiliates listing, Breeder’s Directory,
           library holdings, events calendar, Alpacas Magazine subscription form and  more.

Alpaca registry
           The official ARI web site with alpaca registry information (history, fees, policies, procedures),
           an events calendar, registration form, full-text articles from the ARI Journal and ARI Newsletter
           and information on the Alpaca Research Foundation.  Email:

ALSA Web Page.
             Alpaca & Llama Show Association. This site includes information about
          upcoming  sanctioned shows, how to have a show sanctioned, a list of ALSA
          Regional  Championship shows, list of award winning llamas, a history of ALSA,
          a schedule of  judging clinics and an  ALSA membership application form.

Camelid Listserv. This forum provides general discussion of all aspects of  lama ownership. It is available for free where anyone can sign on/off easily.  For subscription information, go to:
member info / subscribe / user options at:
The List is semi-monitored; Jay Curtis is the list owner.

CamelidMed E-Newsletter.  This listserv provides the camelid health newsletter produced by Dr. David Anderson at Ohio State; updates are issued about every 6 weeks. To subscribe, send an email message to: In the body of the message, write:                subscribe  camelidmed  Your First name Your Last name.  Do NOT use a subject header and do NOT write anything else in the body of the message. Turn off any automatic signature files.

Canadian Llama & Alpaca Association

Intl. Camelid Institute - Ohio State University:
Mission Statement: The International Camelid Institute will be an education and service facility for camelid owners, breeders, veterinarians and scientists, fiber and textile persons, and animal enthusiasts throughout the world to advance the well being of camelids and the camelid industry.

Intl. Llama Registry.
The official ILR site; included are a listing of Registry services, a llama name search, ILR board minutes, Registry statistics and an online registration form.  Email:

Lama Information Exchange
Web space donated by Cathy Norwood.  This site contains the electronic version of the Lama Info Exchange Newsletter - information about lamas and issues concerning them written by owners.

Llamapaedia is for everyone with an interest in Llamas.  Written by veterinary students, it is intended to be an accurate source of information on husbandry, breeding, care and resources for further information.  Compiled by Greta Stamberg and Derek Wilson.

Llama Research Program: College of Veterinary Medicine, Ohio State University
            This site contains articles on health topics, current and future research at Ohio State. 
            Compiled by Dr. David Anderson, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS       

Llamas Listserv
This is an email discussion group for llama owners called LLAMAS. It is free to subscribe to and has separate topics so you can get just the information that interests you. The topics are 4H, Barns and Fencing, Behavior, Breeding, Care, Carting, Chat, Crias, Events, Feed, Fiber, Help, ILR, Medicines, Organizations and Laws, Packing, Pictures, Rescue, Shows, Spirit (heartfelt stories), Training, and Vet.”  For more info and to subscribe go to

This Web site contains many llama information files (llama related  services, books in print, veterinary bibliography, events and conferences, etc.) ads for llama farms with  color photos, and links to related Web sites.

Oregon State University Website: Program for Camelid Education and Research.
This site has information about people involved in the program, current research at the College, publications and registration information about upcoming seminars at Oregon State.

Pack Llama Trial Association   This site has information, forms and rules for conducting PLTA-sanctioned pack llama trials.  Also included is a national calendar of upcoming events, photos of past trials and links to other packing-related sites.

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Rosana Hart is a former reference librarian, the author of Living with Llamas and Llamas for Love and Money, and co-owner of Juniper Ridge Press, which publishes books and videotapes about llamas.

Karen Conyngham is a corporate librarian and llama owner.

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