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Books and Booklets

Anderson, Barbara.  Llama Babies: Up, Dry and Nursing.  6138 Inwood Lane South, Salem, OR  97306.   $16.95  postpaid.  182 pp, 70 black & white photos.  Tells the story of the first 60 crias born at the Anderson farm.  In  addition, there are sidebars addressing topics such as vocabulary.

Barkman, Betty and Paul, Image of a Well-Trained Llama: A Trainer’s Guide. Pine Grove Publ. Co., PO Box 309, Pine Grove, CA  95665. (209) 296-8043.  $24.00 + shipping. Many photos. Third edition, step-by-step directions geared for novice trainers and advanced techniques for more experienced trainers.

Beattie, Dr. Linda C. and Cathy Crisman, Making the Most of Your Llama. 2nd ed; PO Box 323, Kalama, WA  98625.  $17.95, 1998. 64pp. A general handbook plus  a section on ground driving.

Birutta, Gale, A Guide to Raising Llamas.   152 Heath Brook Rd., Groton, VT  50546.  (802) 584-3198.   $18.40  postpaid. 304 pp, 100 illus.  Storey Publ. (formerly Garden Way). "This book serves as a complete guide from  purchasing to the show ring and marketing.  Written for both the novice and experienced owner."

Bodington, Helen, Llama Training on Your Own: Step by Step Instructions. Polite Pets, 697 Fawn Drive, San  Anselmo, CA 94960. 1986. $20.00 postpaid. "Detailed instructions for catching, haltering, desensitizing,  kushing, leading & more.  Special emphasis on training alone."

Boyhan, Janet & Linda Herring,  Llama Packing Cookbook.  Mt. Baker Llama Owners, Box 28753, Bellingham, WA  98228.  $7.50 postpaid.  64 pp.  “The authors have compiled an impressive variety of  50+ trail-tested recipes, from many sources, that can be prepared at home then dehydrated or frozen before taking out on the trail.”

Brown, Mike, Aunt Millie’s Guide to Llama Fiber: A Primer on Llama Fleece Preparation and its Use.  Mike Brown,  HCR 74, Box 22628, El Prado, NM  87529.  $14.00 postpaid.  This entertaining and informative book covers  all phases of working with llama fiber from growing it to shearing, processing, grading the fleece, working with  a commercial processor and marketing.  The book has a detailed index which is very helpful.

Burt, Sandi, Llamas: An Introduction to Care, Training, and Handling. Alpine Publications. $20.45 postpaid from  LLasa LLama Ranch and Farm Supply, 11554 Rough & Ready Rd., Rough & Ready, CA 95975.  (800) 230- 5262. 190-page introduction to llamas, with photos, graphs, lists. Acquisition, care, housing, feed,  shelter, grooming, exhibiting, breeding, health.

Calle Escobar, Rigoberto, Animal Breeding and Production of American Camelids. Lima, Peru, 1984.  Available from  Clay Press Pubs., PO Box 250, Pioneer, CA 95642 (1-877-CAMELID). $39.75 postpaid. 358 pages with charts,  sketches and photos. Translated from Spanish. In three parts: General Information about Camelids, Alpaca  Management, and Alpaca Improvement and Productivity.

Chlarson, Nancy A.,  Llama Driving 101.  Quality Llama Products, 33217 Bellinger Scale Rd., Lebanon, OR   97355. (800) 638-4689. $11.50 postpaid.  18-page booklet on training your llama to drive.

Daugherty, Stanlynn, Packing with Llamas. Pine Grove Publ. Co., PO Box 309, Pine Grove, CA  95665. (209) 296-8043.  $24.00 + shipping. Fourth edition, 1999;  250 pages, illus. A comprehensive introduction  to llama packing, covering selection and care of llamas, training for the trail, equipment, on the trail, etc.  Includes pack bag pattern and backcountry recipes.

Evans, C. Norman, DVM, Bill Simpson hugs a llama.LAMA Wellness Service Book, 810 Dodson Lane, Madisonville, KY  42431.  (502) 821-7993.  $23.00 postpaid. 92 pages.  Compilation of articles on all aspects of lama health including  drug dosage/administration charts, blood profile and chemistry normal value charts, cria care and much more.

Fowler, Murray E., DVM, Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids: Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna, Guanaco. Iowa  State Univ. Press, 2121 S. State Ave, Ames, IA 50010. 515-292-0140.  2nd ed. 1998. $104.95 postpaid (IA  residents include sales tax). This 526-page textbook and reference for veterinarians will be of interest to many  llama breeders as well. Written by one of the best-known llama veterinary researchers. With over 500 photos,  plus drawings and tables. Health care, disease treatment, surgical procedures, anatomy, physiology,  conformation, emergency care and a chapter on reproduction co-authored with Dr. P. Walter Bravo.

Franklin, Dr. William L., and Kelly J. Powell, Guard Llamas. Iowa State University, Extension Distribution  Center, 119 Printing and Publications Bldg, Ames, IA 50011. Price 75 cents postpaid. Informative 12- page booklet on using llamas to guard sheep.

Gahlot, T.K. (ed), Selected Topics on Camelids.  The Camelid Publishers, 67, Gandhi Nagar West, Near Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner  334001 India.  2000.  $180 US postpaid.  600+ pages, 336 figures and 68 tables. This book contains 18 chapters on the dromedary camel and 3 each on bactrian camels and South American camelids.  Contributors include Dr. Murray Fowler, Rueben Rose, Ahmed Tibany and T.K. Gahlot.

Harmon, David, and Amy S. Rubin, Llamas on the Trail, A Packer's Guide, 1993. Mountain Press Publishing  Company, PO Box 2399, Missoula, MT 59806. $15.00. Two very experienced llama packers and  writers thoroughly discuss llama packing, with photos.

Hart, Rosana, Living with Llamas: Tales from Juniper Ridge.  Juniper Ridge Press, 713 W. Spruce #89, Deming, NM   88030. (800) 869-7342. Third edition, 1987. $13.95 postpaid. 192 pages. A personal account of one couple's  llama adventures, with photos and information woven into the story.

Hart, Rosana. Llamas for Love and Money.  Juniper Ridge Press, 713 W. Spruce #89, Deming, NM 88030. (800) 869- 7342. 1994,  $16.95 postpaid. Includes interviews with llama owners, care, breeding, birthing, buying and  selling, alpacas, commercial llama packing, side businesses. With photos.

Hoffman, Clare, DVM, and Ingrid Asmus, Caring for Llamas & Alpacas: A Health and Management Guide.  Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association, RMLA Bookstore, 17190 W. 57th Pl., Golden, CO  80403-1113. Second edition, 1996. $27.95 postpaid. 167 pages. A  comprehensive manual of  llama and alpaca care. Covers basic care and management, diseases and treatments, poisonous plants.   Troubleshooting charts for identifying  emergencies. Detailed illustrations.

Hoffman, Eric, The Complete Alpaca Book. To be published October 2002.  $89.95 + shipping.  Call (831) 426-8649 or email   250+  pages.  Topics include prehistory, behavior, fiber, diet, conformation, husbandry, genetics,  reproduction, transportation and veterinary management.

Holmquist, Wes, Classic 2000 Directory. The Llama Connection, PO Box 211, Pocatello, ID 3204.(800)398- 0832. $25.95. 136pp. Lists llamas in Holmquist's registry for pack llamas, and includes booklets on  conformation and llama packing.

Hubbard,  Sharon, The (Mis)adventures of the Llamas at Hunter Hill.  Illus. by Cheryl Ryberg.  Hunter Hill, 985  15th Road, Lyons, KS  67554. $12.45 postpaid per single copy; 2+ copies $10.50 each postpaid. 84 pgs; soft cover.  “Finally, a book about llamas doing the funny, heartwarming, and magical things that all llamas do naturally. This beautifully illustrated book will delight animal lovers of all ages.  Readers who have never met a llama will discover why these unique and gentle creatures are so special.”

Ingram, Gwen, Evaluating a Llama Pack for Comfort and Function.  Lost Creek Llamaprints, 81894 Lost  Creek Rd.,  Dexter, OR  97431.  $5.95 each plus $1.50 shipping for 1 copy, $2.25 for 2 copies, $3.00 for 3-10 copies.  "A  comprehensive and detailed analysis of how to evaluate and select a comfortable pack system for your llama  that will function well for you.  Also explains proper procedures for fitting and using any llama pack.   Clear line drawings augment the 27 pages of carefully presented text."

Ingram, Gwen, The Waldo Chronicles--A Training Log.  Lost Creek Llamaprints, 81894 Lost Creek Rd.,  Dexter, OR   97431.  $10.95 each plus $1.50 shipping for 1 copy, $3.00 for 2-10 copies.  "The true story of an untrained,  unwanted llama's transformation into a valued companion, show partner, and packer.  Useful training  techniques and information are woven throughout the thoroughly enjoyable tale.  Includes 30 black-and-white  photographs."

James, M. Brandon, Fifty Things to do with a Llama. Pine Grove Pub. Co., PO Box 309, Pine Grove, CA  95665. (209) 296-8043.  $8.50 + shipping.  Bookletrunning cria with engaging illustrations depicting llama-related activities.

James, M. Brandon, Wonderful World of Alpacas. Pine Grove Pub. Co., PO Box 309, Pine Grove, CA  95665.  (209) 296-8043. $8.50 + shipping.  52 pgs.  “A great introductory item for your new customers, or an easy read for your favorite  child”.

Johnson, LaRue W., DVM, PhD,  Editor, Llama Medicine Update. W. B. Saunders Co.  PO Box 6467, Duluth, MN  55806-9854. (800) 654-2452.  July 1994. $33  postpaid.  Includes articles by various contributors, mostly  veterinarians and professors, on llama medicine. Useful for veterinarians, llama owners, and alpaca owners.

Kerstetter, Howard, Performance Classes: A Manual for Designing Obstacles. Available only from ALSA, P.O. Box  1189, Lyons, CO  80540.  ALSA member price: $14.95; non-member price $24.95.  "A publication of diverse,  interesting and challenging obstacles designed to conform to the latest ALSA Handbook  revisions."

Krieger, Maggie and Richard, In Search of the Ideal Llama--THE FIELD GUIDE, Assessing Conformational  Traits in Llamas.  Saltspring Island Llamas and Alpacas, 291 Long Harbour Rd., Saltspring Island,  British Columbia, Canada  V8K 2K9. 1994. (250) 537-9446, phone & fax.  $29.95 US; $34.95 Canada  postpaid.  Same information as in the video of the same name; now available in book-binder form for in-the- field conformational assessment.  Special section not in  video: "Pitfalls of the Acquisition Process" as well as  various llama contracts.

Krieger, Maggie and Richard, Secrets of the Andean Alpaca--THE FIELD GUIDE, Assessing Fiber  Characteristics and Conformation.  Saltspring Island Llamas & Alpacas, 291 Long Harbour Rd.,  Saltspring  Island, British Columbia, Canada  V8K 2K9. 1994. (250) 537-9446, phone & fax.  $29.95  US; $34.95 Canada  postpaid.  Same information as in the video of the same name; now available in  book-binder form for in-the- field conformational assessment.  Special section not in video: "Pitfalls of Lama Acquisition-On the Farm and  Off the Auction Block" as well as various alpaca contracts.

Lama Registry Book, Volume I. Lists the first 15,000 llamas registered by the International Llama Registry.  $18.90 postpaid, 286pp. Intl. Lama Registry, P.O. Box 8, Kalispell, MT 59903.  (406) 755-3438 (phone).

Ley, Susan.  Photo Workshop for Llamas; $35.00 postpaid (Ohio residents add 5.75% sales tax). Susan Ley  Photography, 8685 Hawick Ct. N, Dublin, OH  43017.  (614) 889-0629 (phone/fax).  "The workbook is  broken down into easy to follow lessons...illustrated with over 70 photographs. Susan's step by step  approach insures that you understand every aspect to take winning photographs of your animals".  

MacQuarrie, Kim, Jorge F. Ochoa and Javier Portus. Gold of the Andes; c. 1995  Available from Northwest  Alpacas Ranch & Country Store, 11785 SW River Rd., Hillsboro, OR  97123.  2-volume set; $80  each  postpaid or $130 for the set.  Visa and Mastercard accepted.  (503) ALP-ACAS. These limited edition coffee  table books chronicle the history of the camelid family. Over 300 photos of camelids in nature and depicted in  artwork from museums around the world. (

Markham, Doyle. Llamas are the Ultimate. Snake River Llamas, 7626 N 5th W,  Idaho Falls, ID 83401.  $16.95  postpaid. 1990. 330 pages, 73 pictures. Training, feeding, packing, hunting, fishing, and care.

McGee-Bennett, Marty.  The Camelid Companion: Handling and Training Your Alpacas & Llamas; c. 2001; 400 pgs, illus.  Zephyr Farm Press, 4251 Pulver Rd., Dundee, NY  14837.  (800) 570-LAMA  $53.95 postpaid. (NY residents add 8% tax)  “The definitive guide to training, handling and managing llamas and alpacas. Whether you have 2 llamas or 200 alpacas this book is for you.” (

McGee, Marty, Llamas and Alpacas as a Metaphor for Life.  Zephyr Farm, 4251 Pulver Rd., Dundee, NY  14837.  800-570-LAMA.  $30.25 postpaid. (NY residents add 8% tax) 100 pages, 49 color photos.  "This is a book to be enjoyed year after year, and  left on the coffee table for everyone to enjoy!".

McGrath, Jo Ann,  Before... and ...After Llamas.  Paige Ink, Lower Sherwood Farm, Route 6, Box 139,  Charlottesville, VA 22902. $8.70 postpaid. (also avail. through Clay Press Pubs., $9.95 postpaid  1-877-CAMELID). A selection of the author's newspaper columns before she owned llamas and after they took  over  her life. Warm and humorous.

Mount Lehman Llamas, Poisonous Plants Which May be Dangerous to Llamas and Other Livestock.  Mt. Lehman  Llamas, 29343 Galahad Crescent, Mt. Lehman, B.C. Canada V4X 2E4.  $2.00 to cover costs. 21 pages of  clear line drawings of poisonous plants common to British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, but useful to  owners across the US and Canada.  Annotations include common and botanical names, a physical description  of the plant, & poisoning symptoms.  A bibliography is provided.

Musgrove, Julie, Common Sense Alpacas.  Quality Llama Products, 33217 Bellinger Scale Rd., Lebanon, OR 97355.  (800) 638-4689.  $37.00 postpaid.  100 pages, spiral bound.  “Includes how to plan your facilities, essential and emergency supplies, nutrition, general care and management, breeding and birthing, showing”.

Black and white llama cria. Peterson, Susan,  So, You Share Your Life With a Llama: What Now?  Pine Grove Pub. Co., PO Box 309, Pine Grove, CA  95665.  (209) 296-8043.  $19.95 postpaid.  128 pages, spiral bound; illus.  “A primer for old, new and want-to-be llama owners”.  Chapters cover topics such as preparing for Your Llama, Breeding, Injuries, Crias, and show ring pointers; appendices contain useful examples of a breeding contract, gestation table and list of llama and alpaca associations.

Pollard, Robert J. & Suzi, Llama and Alpaca Husbandry and Medical Care.  Quality Llama Products, 33217 Bellinger Scale Rd., Lebanon, OR  97355.  $25.50 postpaid.  60 pages, spiral bound.  “Written by a well-known vet and llama owner; practical easy-to-follow information on vaccination programs, parasite control, neo-natal care, breeding and more”.

Ross, Cindy, Scraping Heaven.  McGraw Hill-Ragged Mountain Press or available from  ISBN: 0071373608; 2003; $19.95; 224 pages, illus., hard cover.  “In 1993, Cindy Ross, her husband, and their two toddlers, ages one and three, set out together on the  3,100 mile Continental Divide Trail.  Using llamas as kid-carriers and packers, they successfully hiked the entire Trail over the next 5 summers.”  This travelogue chronicles their adventures on the Trail.

Schreiber, John, Today and Tomorrow Llama Investment Analysis. Schreiber's Stoney Brook Farm, W338  S9025 Highway E, Mukwonago, WI 53149. Revised edition, 1990. $21.95 postpaid.  By a llama breeder who works in the investment field.

Shinnick, Ron,  Llama Driving: A Basic Guide to Training and Driving Your Llama.  Able Publishing.  Order from: Llamas by the Llakes, 5350 Red Clay Road, PO Box 280, Cohutta, GA  30710.  $25.00 postpaid.   60 pages, 2000.  illus.  See:  “This book outlines a simple method for training both you and your llama the fundamental skills of driving.  Diagrams and photos also help illustrate various parts of the driving equipment and techniques for successful training and driving.”

Smith, Bradford B., DVM, Karen I. Timm, DVM, Patrick O. Long, DVM. Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care.  Bixby Press, Inc.  (541) 758-6486.  $24.95 + shipping.  112 pages,  1996. illus. This step-by-step book covers all aspects of births, dystocias, and care of the cria and dam.   Designed for new and experienced owners.

Stauffer, Rudy, Llama Packing with Rudy.  Crystal Springs Llamas, 2478 Rimrock Rd., Placerville, CA 95667.  (530) 642-1120. 1999.  $8.00 postpaid.  30 pages.  “This small handbook is simple, easy to use and understand.  This guide will help a llama packer save some time and energy in llama training.  Learn from my mistakes, trials and errors, rather than making your own.”

Switzer, Chris, Spinning Llama and Alpaca. PO Box 3800, Estes Park, CO 80517. $14.00 postpaid. 2nd ed. 1998.  Discusses fiber ID, cleaning, shearing, preparation, dyeing, marketing, projects, and other topics.

Weathers, Shirley A., Field Guide to Plants Poisonous to Livestock-Western US.  Rosebud Press, PO Box 270090, Fruitland, UT  84027-0090.  $17.95 each, postpaid.  1998.  “Over 100 plants, shrubs and trees are ogranized by leaf shape/arrangement to facilitate identification.  Designed by and for livestock owners to help protect against plant poisoning.”

Wernery, Ulrich & Renay and Dr. Murray E. Fowler, Color Atlas of Camelid Hematology.  Blackwell Pubs. Quality Llama Products, 33217 Bellinger Scale Rd., Lebanon, OR  97355.  $76.50 postpaid. 1999.  “A color atlas that should be used as a guide to diagnose blood diseases and other ailments in Old World and New World camelids.  Veterinarians will find this book invaluable.”

White-Crane, Diane, Stop Spitting at Your Brother: Life Lessons of a Rocky Mountain Llama. Stevens LlamaTique,  Rt. 4 Box 39, Worthington, MN 56187. (800) 469-5262.  $13.50 postpaid. 149 pages, 1996.  A series of ancedotal stories, humorous and touching, show us the world as seen through the eyes of a young male  llama.

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Rosana Hart is a former reference librarian, the author of Living with Llamas and Llamas for Love and Money, and co-owner of Juniper Ridge Press, which publishes books and videotapes about llamas.

Karen Conyngham is a corporate librarian and llama owner.

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